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1 16 2010

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by , 01-16-2010 at 10:05 PM (1054 Views)
Today, I woke up early and resisted temptation to go out to breakfast with the DH. Instead I made French toast, bacon and eggs. Then we went to the reservoir and walked. There were a lot more ducks and quite a few cranes and loons earlier in the morning. The sunrise was beautiful. I planted a Banana tree in the front.I also planted some flowers, orange yellow and a lavender bush along with a blueberry bush and I separated an aloe plant. I organized coupons. Now I am finishing up laundry and planning what additional plants to get in the ground early before the rain starts.We are supposed to get 8 inches next week-That is almost a years worth. I also put out more solar lights.

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  1. Sundae's Avatar
    Oh how I remember being able to see flowers year round when driving around, I realy liked seeing the wild daisy that would grow in the cracks on the side of the roads sometimes. Well I guess I left S. Ca. so now I get to see the beauty of all the seasons, but the snow we had this year I could do without!!
  2. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    I like the tall white yucca flowers that bloom once a year.