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1 17 2010

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by , 01-17-2010 at 11:45 AM (546 Views)
Getting ready to head over to the reservoir and walk again. The DH is playing Tennis and will walk with me. I am going to blow my no eat out challenge as he is bugging me to try a good breakfast place nearby after our walk. I need to plant the rest of the berries before the rain begins. The other thing I have been trying to do is go paperless on my statements and set up autopay. I went into the bank -Chase yesterday. I ended up walking out with another free personal checking and also another free checking for my business that I am going to set up at a later date- for China replacement. I also have a free safety deposit box. Since we have our HELOC they offer those accounts free. She set my HELOC for autopay and since mine is mixed adjustable and part fixed. I had to set the payment up for an extra 100-200 for principle paydown. That is ok it will force me to pay additional. Now I need to go to Wellsfargo and do the same.

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