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1 21 2010

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by , 01-21-2010 at 06:59 AM (642 Views)
Yesterday was not a good day and today will probably be about the same. More work issues that are out of my hands. I need to schedule my daughter in with a cardiologist. For follow up before she goes to Texas. She is taking her GED she is finally old enough. She is planning to get her drivers license right after her birthday end of next month and then move to Austin with her sister and start College for nursing. Just the prerequisites first. I have banned myself from the cafeteria at work- due to the no eat out challenge. I have been bringing my lunch each day and also have been having oatmeal with pecan slices for breakfast(bring your lunch to work challenge). So I have killed two birds with one stone. I will order something from the grill if I walk in the cafeteria. I also started up my 403b(401k for nonprofits or government). I am just putting $50 a pay period. Next year I will max it out as my husband will no longer be contributing to his retirement account as he will be retired. The rain has not allowed me to do very much and I worked late so didn't have much time. Will keep plodding along with the paperwork. I also will document the stockpile and add on as I go.

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