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Happy fourth of July!

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by , 07-04-2008 at 11:33 PM (1700 Views)
As it is the nations b-day I was thinking on something I heard on the radio. Separation of Church and state. I had heard that it came from a letter written by Jefferson and wasn't even in the first amendment. but was about the government not making a mandated national religion like in England. So it had nothing to do with not having religion in government but not a mandated one. What I didn't know was.1 Thomas Jefferson didn't even help write the bill of rights. 2.This was only used in 2 lawsuits in 150 years and only in the last century has it been used thousands of times. Maybe because they knew Jefferson was not an authority on the Bill of rights.The people who wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights would be more of an authority on what the constitution was for and the meaning. The person on the radio pointed out, that It is like taking a newspaper years later and using it as testimony in a trial over an eyewitness. The lawyers have really messed up, and gone off the deep end. Taking the Supreme Court and other courts with them. Jefferson was not even in the country at the time.

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