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May 12 2011

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by , 05-12-2011 at 11:43 PM (661 Views)
Well we are down to the last puppy of the 8, one died and we have sold 6. The last one is left. There are a few people interested. We are hoping to get it to a good home this weekend. I had all their first shots and health exam done. Two people bought two at a time and a third almost bought 2. To bad I would not have this last one being by itself. I am going to post the pictures. I have been busy traveling. I get a long weekend home before hitting the road again. I plan to garden and work on my finances. I made my last payment for the son's college at UCI and he graduates on June 10th with higher than a 3.9 GPA in Biology. It has been a long haul. My daughter is also having 3 A's and at least a B in the fourth class. Her finals are in two weeks so hopefully she can pull that last one up a little more. She has completed a full year at the local community college. She will also be trying out for their soccer team. It looks like a fun year. I may go back to Ohio for my Mom's 70th birthday. I plan to pick up some almond champagne in Lodi for the celebration. I have already bought her a gift.

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