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7 23 2011

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by , 07-23-2011 at 09:04 AM (1057 Views)
I has been a hectic week. My project had its implementation this last week and I will be traveling around to a few of the trouble spots next week. It was a successful implementation and should save the state a lot of money, which will hopefully save the taxpayer some money besides a better product. I still have duties with this project but they are not quite as intense. I also went shopping at a few thrift stores as time permits. I bought a garnet 3 stone necklace and earrings in 10kt gold for 14.99 new in the box. I also purchased some candlewick bell goblets and A small mixing bowl and milk pitcher in Franciscan apple pattern. A crystal creamer and sugar and a couple of sterling spoons. A caprice small crystal creamer and sugar set. I plan to list on ebay or another site. I may even do a swap meet. I paid a cc down 3k but due to all the fees for the dear sons applications for medical school it will be maxed out again soon. Sigh I did do some stockpiling. They had some good sales at Safeway this week for canned goods.

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