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8 2 2011

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by , 08-02-2011 at 05:11 AM (672 Views)
I am gearing up for my trip to Ohio Aug 5-15, on Thursday night. I have begun packing. I do not have a lot of additional funds as I am paying off the CU loan of almost 10k this month after I get paid on the 25th. I also made my last payment for the sons rent $2300 for the last two months. He will be moving home at the end of September. Then I will hopefully be able to pay some smaller cc off in September. I did stop by a few garage and estate sales. I picked up a bike for $10 and some paintings for $25 , some mini German steins for $5 each, along with some other items. My only bad issue is the dear husband. He does not want me to stockpile. I had bought body wash with a bogo free coupon and with money back it probably cost me around $1 for the Gillette mens body wash per bottle. He just doesn't get the idea of stocking up.

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