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12 16 2011

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by , 12-16-2011 at 01:19 PM (909 Views)
I had my youngest daughter help me wrap the presents for the school and also give me advice for the 15 and 17 year old clothes choices. We stuck with the $30 dollar sweaters as they are almost like outerwear and looked better than some of the cheaper ones. My husband helped me deliver to the school. The younger kids ended up getting 2 full outfits each. He was happy that I was able to get them so much for the amount I spent. I also found quality merchandise from Carter and Osh Kosh. My big project that I also am doing is organizing and cleaning so we can get the tree set up. I have went thru my clothes with the help of my daughter and pulled out the clothes that were very outdated and too large. I am hoping to finish the reorganization of closet and dresser today. My oldest daughter 28 told me she and her boyfriend would be debt free this month. They are then beginning to save for a house down payment. So does that mean I need to save for a wedding? We shall see. Her birthday is coming up and we may see an announcement.

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