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12 12 2011

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by , 12-12-2011 at 12:48 PM (806 Views)
I am getting my PICC line out today. I have big plans on all the things I am going to do. Not being able to lift over 5 pounds has put a severe cramp in my style. My purse weighs more than 5 pounds(LOL) We signed up for a family at church sponsored thru a local school, single mom with 5 girls. My challenge has been to get them gifts $40 limit for each one and they listed clothes and books. I found sweaters on sale for $25-30, That really blows the budget for the other things. I did get some classic books at BN after all my discounts for around $5 a book for hardcover. The price on clothes is ridiculous. I did happen to get some clearance clothes at Burlington Coat Factory that were really inexpensive, under $5. It has been the middle kids that is hard. I am hopefully going to finish all Christmas shopping soon. I have cut way back this year for the family.

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