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12 21 2011

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by , 12-21-2011 at 10:17 AM (2891 Views)
I have filed for unemployment for the first time in my life. I still have not received any disability pay, so I sold some more gold and silver, another $3300, to help cover expenses. So for the year over 13k in gold and silver. I am getting low on items, so not much jewelry and coins left for an emergency fund. Now that I can lift over 5 pounds, I am going thru the antiques to list on ebay or a space rental at an antique store. I have a harp brass music stand from the 1880's and a French stool along with some paintings I plan to sell. Along with some more silver, coin silver flatware and a beautiful sterling Deco bowl. They are just things, and I love beautiful things(LOL). But I am sure I will locate more. Of course I also have thousands of dishes, Depression to pottery. I am on the waiting list for a local antique mall for a space. I am hoping to get a space for the new year. My oldest daughter also put in a bid for a house in the Sacramento area. I am excited for her. She was promoted, so more pay for her, glad things are finally going well for her. The housing seems to have improved in Southern CA so we may put the house back up for sale down there. There I have listed all my problems and vented how I hate to let things go. I just try to remember the bible verse that says to store up your treasure in heaven not down here where it can be destroyed by rust, ect. . I have to work on my resume. Merry Christmas everyone.

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