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333 closet project

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by , 01-25-2013 at 09:10 PM (1273 Views)
I thought it was much better if I just blog my way through my 333 closet project for the next three months.

I chose this project, because I am seeking to minimize what I have. Less is more. Simplify.

I have a closet full of clothes, which I try to rotate frequently. But honestly, does a person need an outfit for every day of the month? Then some left over? That's what it was like. I would have enough pants, skirts, leggings to create an individual outfit for each day of the working month. It's not necessary.

So, today - I went through my closet and picked out pieces that would mix and match, look good on me, fit me, and are classics.

I don't have any pics of the closet, but it is a walk in with three sides of hangers. All were filled. When I was done, I had 33 pieces of clothing and 111 empty wooden hangers.

I chose:
4 skirts, beige, black, houndstooth, denim
6 pants, beige, green, brown, blue, cream, maroon
2 jeans
2 suits, grey, navy
1 black blazer
1 brown blazer
1 maroon blazer
1 navy button down sweater
1 beige button down sweater
1 cream button down sweater
1 pink fleece
1 navy fleece
1 maroon sweater
1 cranberry sweater
1 white button down long sleeve shirt
1 teal button down long sleeve shirt
1 cream shell
1 multi colored shell
1 teal sweater
1 green sweater
1 wool coat

I pared down my shoe collection to be a pair of black books, winter snow boots, dress shoes, sneakers and a pair of clogs. That is a significant drip from the 30 pairs I own.

I pared down my belt collection from 50 belts to 3 belts. One black, brown, and a stretchy one for over a long sweater and leggings.

I pared down my coat collection to one winter black coat, one scarf, one hat and one pair of gloves.

Even though it is not part of the 333 closet project, I pared down my exercise outfits to 3 outfits. I pared down my PJs to 3 PJs, I pared down my bathing suits to 1 suit, 1 coverup. I pared down my lounge outfits to 3. I pared down my undergarments to 7 bras, 7 underwear, 5 camisoles. I have not pared down my sock drawer yet, since I ran out of time.

My closet is empty and my drawers are neat and organized.

Tomorrow, I will take pics of each garment and see if how many different outfits as I can create with what I chose as my 33 garments.

This may take some adjusting if I can't seem to put it together


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  1. bridge's Avatar
    WTG!!!!!!! you have done awesome. I hope you will find like I have that making outfits an the simplicity is a wonderful feeling. I also seem to make more with less if that make sense. It's like I can see what is there and , I'm like oh that will go nice together. Where before I just struggled to choose something out of the squashed together clothes and hangers.