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Sunday. Day 2 of 333 Closet Project

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by , 01-27-2013 at 11:33 AM (1691 Views)
I'm really liking this! I'm so surprised considering how scared I was to unload perfectly fine clothing. But honestly, the freedom and lightenss is astounding.

Today, I re-wore the same clothes as yesterday because I didn't dirty them and I'm frugal with the laundry. A navy fleece and blue jeans with a lounge shirt.


Tomorrow is a work day and I will need to dress for work. Usually on Sundays I like to sort my clothes out for the week and set them up together on hangers in one section of my closet. So, today I will put aside outfits so I'll know what I'm wearing each day.

I pared out my jewelry to get rid of the junk. I purchased a bunch of 'fashion' jewelry last year which turned out to be utter junk. I saved the more meaningful, and quality pieces.

I also paired down my sock drawer to rid of holey socks and excess of the same color. I had buried in my soc drawed a sock organizer which is a diamond shaped openings. You place your socks in the openings. Looks very neat.

This has really turned me on to really think about what is truly necessary in my life. I have a basement full of stuff I plan to purge this year. I'm just waitng for my daughter to move out in a month or so. Hoping she takes with her, all the baby things we've collected as well as her old apartment stuff she saved.

Other stuff down there which is mine, is basically clothes of all sizes, memorabelia, and christmas decor along with some 'stuff' I have listed for sale.


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  1. bridge's Avatar
    Glad you are enjoying your closet! I know it is amazing how it makes one feel. I am also frugal on the laundry...I wear my dress pants twice, unless I get something on them usually lunch,lol.