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  1. follow up

    by , 07-10-2013 at 04:40 AM
    Well as planned I paid off the first mortgage last year
    And I paid off the second in April of this year
    I also paid off our C.Union loan
    now I have started to replace
    -new used vaccumn $29.95 S.A. Eureka Hepa bagless
    -new fridge Maytag top freezer traditional $800.
    -new dishwasher $600. also Maytag
    -power washer-gas
    -gas string trimmer
    -replaced boards on the deck
    -painted front door
    -lost our beagle and got a new beagle/shepherd ...
  2. kill that mortgage

    by , 06-03-2012 at 03:23 PM
    continuing the paydown come HeLL or high water.
    Kicked down another $3500. despite unforeseen enormous vet bill for all 3 dogs. Frustrating but not fatal. Continuing even under the threat of massive layoffs in the industry and specifically
    Dh's company he works for. 6 more little months.
  3. kill that mortgage

    by , 05-03-2012 at 05:35 PM
    well, I'm on a campaign to be mortgage free in 2013. So in the thought I just have been paying $550. a month extra and send the $800. from the state return onward. When we get federal return $3500. more will head that way. So the first mortgage will die in 12 of 2012. I will then snowball the 2nd we had to take out from DH's accident 7 years ago now. And DH in on board but..... AHHHH MURPHY and old stuff.

    Our lunchmeat drawer is duct taped because they want $75. to replace it! ...
  4. must be fall

    by , 11-09-2010 at 05:04 PM
    Well Halloween is over and most of our leaves are cleared. We have almost all the stuff cleared out of the yard. Guess I have to get all the pumpkins prepped or tossed before the neighbors mention it.

    Trying to get my head around Thanksgiving and I just don't care. We aren't that fond of turkey and the mess. I wonder if my family would go for hot dogs?? Prob. not. oh well.
  5. Vaccumning your lawn

    by , 08-27-2010 at 06:40 PM
    Our new neighbor is loony toons in our book. Today he spent hours vaccumning his lawn w/ a shop vac. I means hours in the front. Later the back. Now mind you,the oaks are just starting to release and won't finish until Halloween.?? To each his own. Thats what I keep saying.

    Well irony strikes. I paid off the car last week. Got the release papers from the bank today at 2pm. My DS is scheduled to use it tomorrow for a driving test. It is like Labor Day Weekend right?
    So today ...
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