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by , 07-08-2010 at 12:55 PM (616 Views)
DH is in the Bermuda Is. again for 2 weeks,home 2 days and goes for another week. Slighlt sick of trying to conduct a life this way. Very grateful for the ability to pay bills and keep our home though.

DD may have found "the one". She is dating an old high school friend that she is attracted to. He feels lucky to date her and she finds his goofy sense of humor adorable,fingers crossed this one lasts.

DS saw his good friend and love off to Africa for a years mission work. HE is beyond mournful. He wrote-It was our last Tues. adventure one is the saddest he has ever been. It made me tear up.

Well I am alone again today,me thinks it's time for charity work or a job to occupy my time??

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