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There's a chance

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by , 08-25-2010 at 11:58 PM (1253 Views)
It's finally sinking in that we are done w/ our 6 year battle to get back up out of debt. We have the BEF fund in place,money for the tax burden set aside,DS money I owed him is being paid into a 529 acct.,money for a new energy star dishwasher,hw heater is set aside. Now begins to 3-6 month savings battle. I have to try and get an accurate amt. to save and how long it will take.

Also this is officially DH's last trip to BermudaIs. so of course it is marked by a hurricane approaching. He will leave the Is. Fri. night ahead of the storm hopefully and return after. Always tension. His new assignment will keep him stateside which is fine w/ both of us. Sept. start date. Sept 8th official.

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  1. nodmicks's Avatar
    Yeah! Glad to hear everything is falling together!!! Hope all goes well with your dh's trip.