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by , 07-10-2013 at 04:40 AM (1389 Views)
Well as planned I paid off the first mortgage last year
And I paid off the second in April of this year
I also paid off our C.Union loan
now I have started to replace
-new used vaccumn $29.95 S.A. Eureka Hepa bagless
-new fridge Maytag top freezer traditional $800.
-new dishwasher $600. also Maytag
-power washer-gas
-gas string trimmer
-replaced boards on the deck
-painted front door
-lost our beagle and got a new beagle/shepherd mix
All cash.
Did surgery on the Great Dane mixs' other knee $1350. had to charge it but it couldnt wait any longer.

Next payoff the smaller CC before Thanksgiving.
pay summer taxes next paycheck
start payments on H. ins.
try to make our old but paid for cars last until next year.
beef up the BEF to $2500.
xmas fund

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  1. peanut's Avatar
    Way to go! You're doing great!