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kill that mortgage

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by , 05-03-2012 at 05:35 PM (1834 Views)
well, I'm on a campaign to be mortgage free in 2013. So in the thought I just have been paying $550. a month extra and send the $800. from the state return onward. When we get federal return $3500. more will head that way. So the first mortgage will die in 12 of 2012. I will then snowball the 2nd we had to take out from DH's accident 7 years ago now. And DH in on board but..... AHHHH MURPHY and old stuff.

Our lunchmeat drawer is duct taped because they want $75. to replace it!
I just pulled the ceiling fan cord and the whole thing came off in my hand.
The air conditioning has not worked in 9 years and now the puppy chewed thur the lg. fan cord.
The cord on my vaccumn is fraying.
The van light is showing AWD and brakes alternatively and I heard a bearing squeaking too.
I gotta hang tough though and do w/o. This mortgage must die!.

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  1. oheoh's momma's Avatar
    awww hugs I admire u so much.. duct tape is my friend
  2. Jessesbride's Avatar
    I would go ahead & get that a/c fixed (depending where you are at... I know in Oklahoma where I am, last year during the summer it got to over 112 F ... way too hot to go w/o a/c. & was it the whole FAN that came off into your hand or just the fan cord? If just the fan cord, those are pretty cheap to replace, just go to Lowe's or Home Depot & they can direct you toward it. You need to fix the "junk" or at least have an emergency fund so that when Murphy comes to pay a visit, you can handle it w/o putting on cc's or completely feeling the pinch & it's especially important when it comes to safety. Cords on fan or vacuum is a fire hazard, brakes going out is a safety issue not just a hazard to yourself but to others on the road or driving with you. The worse you let the van get, the more expensive it is. & Unless you have an Emergency fund in place, Murphy will always try to knock you down as hard as possible...