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kill that mortgage

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by , 06-03-2012 at 03:23 PM (1677 Views)
continuing the paydown come HeLL or high water.
Kicked down another $3500. despite unforeseen enormous vet bill for all 3 dogs. Frustrating but not fatal. Continuing even under the threat of massive layoffs in the industry and specifically
Dh's company he works for. 6 more little months.

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  1. bee9984's Avatar
    Your mortgage will be paid off in 6 more months? If so That is Awesome!

    We are trying to get our house paid off as soon as possible too, we are paying bi-weekly accelerated with an extra $10 on that every two weeks plus an extra $176.44 on the 30th of every month. We are allowed to pay $5200 once a year (10% of our original mortgage) which we are striving to do. We are hoping to have our mortgage paid off in four years.