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My little Man is sick

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by , 10-01-2009 at 12:43 AM (3772 Views)
Dalton (2) is sick. Started Tuesday morning with a temp that reached as high as 39.2 C (102.56 F), then this morning it was kinda normal and mild, but by 3 this after noon it was gone back up and has reached 39.6 C (103.28 F). We had to get him up at 10:30 pm, strip him off, get some meds into him, some liquids, and then give him a cool bath. He is sleeping now, but is restless. The only other symptoms he has is that he has been really tired for at least a month, and he does have a small rash on his back. So I am not sure what this is. Hopefully nothing serious and he is back to himself soon.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Kelly, I would take him to the doctor. The symptoms sound like that of swine flu...they say the best indicator is a fever that will not go away. Saying prayers and keep us informed.
  2. Gibs's Avatar
    He was sick this morning, but right now there is no temp or at least it feels like there is no temp, so I am hoping thats the end of it. If it goes back up we are going to take him to the dr, thats long enough with him sick.
  3. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    I would also get him in right away a rash and high fever can also be scarlet fever.