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a step in the right direction


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by , 11-15-2009 at 01:11 AM (4089 Views)
So what has everyone been up to this weekend? I have been cleaning out things non stop since sometime yesterday. Trying to get some cleaning done before Christmas and then sorting through clothes and things that are too small for the kids as well as cleaning out my basement. Also my brother is putting drywall up in my laundry room in my basement so its been a busy day or so.

I cleaned the walls in my living room and cleaned the windows and put plastic on them. The windows are really old and in bad condition we plan to put new windows in, in the spring. We were going to do it this summer but then Steven got laid off, so thats all we can do. The plastic will help a lot though.

Then I sorted through a bunch of clothing that was too small for the kids, took some to the good will and gave some away to people who I knew with kids that are smaller then mine.

Cleaned my walls and ceilings in my bathroom and my window up there. Found mold in the closet. Was not impressed about that so I did a bunch of cleaning there. I then moved my towels out of that closet to a shelf in my linen closet because I was afraid it would get moldy again with the towels in there. Less air circulating or something I guess.

Next I cleaned all my cupboard doors and handles, and dusted them out.

I moved my fridge tonight and cleaned under it and there are 4 cupboards up over the fridge that we put a lot of junk and things in so I cleaned out those.

I am currently cleaning our master bedroom. We keep our bed under the window most of the year, but in winter we move it. So I had to rearrange our room. Completely clean the window and add plastic to that. Cleaned out our closets and someone had a box laid in the corner of the closet and there was mold in there. Again not impressed. The two walls that join in the corner, one is the wall shared with the bathroom and the other is an outside wall I guess thats why we got the mold. But I am at least glad that I found it now before it got any worst.

My basement is another place that I have started doing some cleaning in, mostly sorting through the things down there to see what we want to keep and what we want to get rid of. Hopefully I can get that all done soon.

So what have you all done this weekend??

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  1. frugalwarrior's Avatar
    We plastic our windows every year too. Last year I bought quits at the Salvation Army and this helped too.
    Make sure you check on that mold, it can get wicked fast.
    I have been reorg. my giant pantry. Need to finish today and vaccumn everything in sight.
    Did a lot of leaves recently and feel pretty under control w/ that.
  2. frugalwarrior's Avatar
    Sorry, that was quilts although quits are lovely too.
  3. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Sounds like you accomplished a lot. I cleaned and shopped. Started preparing for Christmas. My favorite holiday.