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My Daughter just got out of hospital yesterday (shes 7)

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by , 11-23-2009 at 01:27 PM (7190 Views)
Robyn was a bit off with her asthma all week, in fact I kept her out of school on Monday and Tuesday morning. I sent her back Tuesday afternoon and she had an asthma clinic appointment on Wednesday. During that appointment they noticed that she did not do as well on her testing as on the previous appointment, so her Dr upped her medications. That night she was coughing more then normal so I decided to keep her home from school Thursday. By lunch time on Thursday she had a fever, 37.9 so we went ahead and gave her some meds for it. It did go down a little and by the time 4 hours were up it was 38. So I administered more meds and this time her temp did not go down in fact it reached 39.2. I then gave her more meds at the time I was suppose to. Called the health line and because of Robyn's history of having pneumonia and asthma and how sick she has been before, and because her breathing was fast along with her heart rate and she was experiencing pain in her chest we were advised to go to the Hospital.

We left here and arrived in there around 11:30 pm Thursday night, we got in to see the nurse and then the Dr. right away. Her temp was still up and they gave her advil on top of the meds I had given to her. The dr said it was likely H1N1, and took the swab for that and administered Tamiflu. Then because of her history sent us down for an x-ray. We came back and he said he couldn't see anything on the x-ray. He called the pediatrician and she pretty much said to administer Tamiflu and to send her home. But the Dr that was on went against that and decided to keep her in a room in emergency all night because he knew she was really sick and he knew her history.

So sometime during the night she threw up all over the place, and her temp went back up, and then she woke with severe pain in her chest. They came in and gave her some more meds as well as some ventolin. He then went out to review her x-ray again. He came back in and said that he could see a pneumonia on her lung, but at first was not sure if that was what it was because some asthma patients do have some mucus in the lungs some times. So he decided that along with the Tamiflu for H1N1 he would start her on antibiotics. He brought in some liquid stuff and she threw it up and had a hard time drinking it due to the taste.

He then did blood work, and it came back her white blood cells were elevated so he administered an IV and gave her iv fluids as well as her antibiotics.

She continued to have some pain in her chest and they could hear the decreased entry.

The next morning the pediatrician came in and admitted her to a room. Continued the Tamiflu as well as the iv fluids and meds. Her temp was high then so they gave more meds and Robyn was really weak and needed help to even sit up.

After this point she slept a lot and then started to feel a little better, her temp went back up again Friday night. Her regular Pediatrician saw her on Saturday morning and he said he would probably keep her until Monday. I was really glad when he came to see her because he knows her history, we see him at least every three months at the asthma clinic, and he has been the dr that took care of her EVERY time she was in hospital.

Then last night it came back with her H1N1 swab results, they were NEGATIVE! I was relieved! It was good to know that we were not battling that along with the Pneumonia.

She then went 24 hours with no fever. She still has some wheezeing in her lungs, but she was doing well, starting to eat and feeling better, so he let us come home. She has to take antibiotics for the next 8 days and if she gets sick to bring her right back in there.

I plan to keep her out of school until at least Wednesday and to use my discretion after that depending on how she is feeling.

So far today she has had a headache and she is short of breath when moving around much or walking up or down the stairs.

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  1. MisaLady's Avatar
    I hope she starts feeling better soon. I have asthma and it kept me out of school for right around a month once when I was a kid.
  2. frugalwarrior2's Avatar
    That sounds exactly,precicely what I have had for 2 weeks. I also got severe vertigo along w/ chills and shakes just to warn you. Prayers for her. I hope she feels better soon.
  3. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Poor thing! I hope she starts feeling better soon.
  4. Gibs's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. She is feeling a lot better, but still short of breath doing simple things walking very far or up and down stairs. She will not be going back to school until Monday, if all goes well.
  5. Incognito's Avatar
    How is the headache now?
    Apple juice helps to relieve it.
    Or a basic drink made from diluted apple cider vinegar:
    1 tbsp or more apple cider vinegar to 1 cup hot water,
    add 2 spoons sugar. Should feel better in 2 hours. May need to repeat 2 x a day.

    I hope she's over the worst of it.
    Any more answers from the medical staff?
  6. Gibs's Avatar
    Never heard about the apple juice and head aches. That is good to know. Thank you. The head ache lasted off and on for 2-3 days. Shes doing really well now. still short of breath at times. She is going back to school on Monday, and will not be taking part in Gym at school until the next week just to be on the safe side.

    Her asthma was always cough varient, and she would know when she needed her puffer, but now she gets short of breath, so I had to explain that when that happens she needs her puffer then as well.