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a step in the right direction

My 100th Blog post here

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by , 02-04-2010 at 05:37 PM (1426 Views)
I just noticed that this will be my 100th blog post.

First I will update my totals for some of the challenges that I am in.

Change Jar: $61.20
Penny Jar: $2.21

Books....I have read 3 and am part way through my 4th.

Fling 2010 in 2010, I have 159

Coupon and sale savings:

$38.19 coupon face value
$149.75 Sale savings
$186.20 Sales and Coupons Combined

2010 Debt reduction Challenge:

Stupid small debts;

Debt#1: /$194.82
Debt#2: $107.01/$499.87 = $392.86
Debt#3: $127.50/$475.88 = $348.38
Debt#4: $200.00
Debt#5: $40.00/$450.00 = $410.00

Also of course I have paid mortgage and car payments, but I am not keeping track of that debt on here right now.

I do have another debt that I need to add that I have had since I purchased my house...I am slowly paying it down, but am not sure if the exact total right now.

Other wise, I am waiting on a copy of the complete tightwad gazette to come in the mail, I purchased it on Ebay a while ago when I sold a coca cola olympic bear. I really wanted the book and couldnt get it here so I thought it was a good time to get it seeing as it was money that I did not have budgeted for.

On another Note, I was talking to the lady who did my interview and I will be called to work, but they just switched management in there and it could be a week or two, up to a month before they hire....but I will be called. So I will wait 3 weeks and then if they do not call I will be going to apply elsewhere.

There are not a lot of places hireing here right now, so knowing that I will be hired if I just wait, I thought maybe I should wait.

Otherwise, I got some great deals on food and hba products this week.

I also joined the Christmas challenge where we get 12 gifts, one a month or more if u want to...I have some done, but I need to do up a list of what I need, and see exactly what I have and for whom.

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing, I am expecting to have a fairly large total for the fling within the next few days, I intend to clean out my basement and I have no idea what I will find down there.

Anyway I have to go and help the kiddies with their homework.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

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