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a step in the right direction

Going frugal, saving money, debt reduction, a healthier and happier lifestyle.

  1. New challenge totals - Jan 30/'10

    by , 01-30-2010 at 12:34 PM (a step in the right direction)
    I have read three novels so far:

    The seance - I forgot to write down the author before I loaned this to my aunt.

    Cold Pursuit by T. Jefferson Parker
    Vanish by Tess Gerritsen

    I added $6.95 in change to my change Jar today making the total: %51.05

    I added .16 to my pennies making that total: 2.03

    Today I have a list of about 34 items that I want to get completed, and I am going to be getting rid of some items that are ...
  2. New challenge totals

    by , 01-25-2010 at 12:11 PM (a step in the right direction)
    Change Challenge: $40.25
    Penny Challenge: $1.87

    Books 1/100

    Fling 71/2010
    Got rid of 8 stuffed animals to good will
    Got rid of an old computer monitor

    Coupons and sales:

    Have saved a total of: $76.82

    Sale savings: $46.38
    Coupon savings: $30.44

    Debt paid down:


    Not including morgage and car or student loans.
  3. Ebay and the complete tightwad gazette

    by , 01-23-2010 at 01:48 PM (a step in the right direction)
    I sold a Vancouver Olympic collectors coca cola bear, there are three in the collection, and I had MASKA. She sold for 36 us dollars plus 10 dollars shipping. I got her with my icoke points.

    So I decided to order the complete tighwad gazette. I have been wanting this book since first joining this site, and now that I sold the bear on ebay and had enough money in my pay pal to pay for it, and it was extra money i thought it would be a good time to purchase it.

    I ...
  4. Challenge Updates

    by , 01-20-2010 at 11:12 AM (a step in the right direction)
    Well I am going to update my challenge totals and stuff already.

    As of January 13th I had $20.30 in my change jar and $1.78 in my penny Jar.

    On January 18th I added 3.30 to change and .02 to pennies, making the totals 23.60 and 1.80.

    Yesterday was my husbands pay day. So all the change that I had left in my purse and he had in his wallet went into our change and penny Jar.

    Combined we added 16.65 to change and .07 to pennies, making our ...
  5. 2010 challenges

    by , 01-18-2010 at 08:34 PM (a step in the right direction)
    I am a little late in geting started this year lol.

    Here are a few of the challenges that I have decided to take part in this year.

    2010 emergency fund challenge

    2010 debt reduction challenge

    2010 coupon challenge

    Read 100 books in 2010

    Penny Jar

    Change Jar

    fling 2010 in 2010

    I added 3.30 to my change Jar todau and .02 to my penny jar.

    I have read ...
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