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Mystery of The Missing Blog

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by , 05-27-2008 at 09:52 AM (2150 Views)
Last week I wrote about saving $1 bills
as my EF.
Today it says I have no blog entries.

Anyway as I wrote before.

I have been trying to save money for and EF or rainy day etc.
Every time I failed miserably so decided not to
spend any one dollar bills.
I started in April and by may I had $228.00.
Then Doug's work sprung a week out of town ( turned into 2 weeks out of town )
Thank God I had saved those bills as it was his gas money down to Albany.
They paid his motel and eats.
So now its back to saving and I still have over $100.00 and climbing for my EF.
It sure did feel empowering to know I had
an unexpected thing covered.

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  1. frugalmom07's Avatar
    Great job on having the $$$ available. You never know when something is going to come up. Keep up the good work.
  2. baxjul's Avatar
    That's great that you had the extra money put aside!!!! I may start doing something like that!
  3. Holly's Avatar
    Doug is out of town again until Friday (payday )
    I have had to live on my ones this week so they are almost gone. Will be starting saving again on Sat.
    He was suspose to be gone next week but now will be home..
    My ones have been there 2 times now..
    Its really something. ( to me at least )
  4. cissylu's Avatar
    Holly that`s great about the amount you had saved. I need to try this myself.
  5. Holly's Avatar
    Well they saved the day again.
    My son's coon hound had to go to the vets and its between pay checks of course. My 1's and 5's made up the difference to by his meds.
    back to the drawing board so to speak. ( still have 15 one's, and one 5 )
    but paid in full so far..