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by , 07-07-2009 at 07:42 AM (2472 Views)
Only have a couple weeks until the wedding
Some of our costumes are not here yet.
Trying to figure out the whys and hows and all that junk is gettign me really stressed out.
sorry just needed to get it written out somewhere to take off the pressure.
Don't mind me...

I need a

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  1. frugalwarrior's Avatar
    I remember wedding days. For some reason everyone goes temporarily insane. Don't worry it passes. My inlaws kept asking how many more people they could invite like it was a contest. My mom (who's always sweet) got into a huff over the invites,my DGM wouldn't wear a long gown,my maid of honor had an impacted wisdom tooth,my gay BIL kept going on about not wearing yellow and looking like school bus. One of the bridesmaids wanted to change her mind.
    Don't worry everyone settles down,it all comes together one way or another and you'll be married. That's what its all about. Putting together a wedding is kind of like the hokey pokey (just think out it)LOL.
  2. omalleyc's Avatar
    Weddings are so stressful. I was so fed up with everything about the week before mine. You'll get through it (hopefully intact!) and look back on only the good parts!
  3. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I know it is difficult but try not to stress. Everything will all come together and if it doesn't what really matters is that you are marrying the love of your life. All the other stuff really isn't important.
  4. Holly's Avatar
    thank you both,
    I know it will all work out . Its just so hard doing it by myself. my matron of Honor is getting married this Saturday and she has been so stressed about hers, I couldn't put more pressure on her.
    She had to end up booting her maid of honor to the curb.
    Looks like the rest of the costumes are on their way now.
    Now to concentrate on the food, cake and having fun with it.
    Hopefully your BIL didn't look like a school bus lol.
    We have 200 people invited . its going to be outside
    and picnic style dinner.
    Renassiance Themed..
  5. Holly's Avatar
    ty also Debbie cat you snuck in on me lol
    Yes I know it will come together..
  6. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Wow glad the costumes are on the way. I would have to have a plan B, just in case. Cause I am a worry wart. LOL it will be over soon.
  7. phoeny_moonstar's Avatar
    Take a big deep breath!! *hugs* I know how hard it is to plan a wedding. Mine is on Halloween and I'm stressing out about how much stuff I still have yet to do. Everything will work out fine, just remember to have fun on your big day.
  8. Holly's Avatar
    ty all
    Yes we will have fun on our day.
    Congradulations phoeny-moonstar