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by , 01-05-2010 at 07:05 PM (1291 Views)
This year will be a wonderful year.
I am hoping to have my business started in May.
1st grandbaby will be born in June.
Son and GF expecting baby boy

DH turns 50 in April
Family reunion in June /plus aunts 90th BD

Nephew getting married in August

Our 1st Anniversary Aug 1st

thats not counting BBQ's and other things.

Going to be a wonderful and exciting year

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  1. frugalwarrior2's Avatar
    Wow you have a better idea of the year than me. I don't remember did you say what business previously??
  2. Holly's Avatar
    Gift Baskets/ Boutiques

    Mainly at farmers market until after Hallowween

    I keep a good day planner lol