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My life, my pond, my world

Welcome to my lil private pond of life, love, happiness, frustration, anger, frugality, independence, spending, and thrift shopping ways of life. I have traveled down many paths to get where I am today, some good some not so good, but come and have a lil insight of my daily activities and the normal trials and tribulations of my frugal life. I will keep you posted on my journey as well as probably fill your head with a lot of rambling because I tend to do that when I have so many thought coming out at once. So pick up a few cookies that I have left for you on the table,and grab some nice hot coffee and sit down and enjoy my lil pond called LIFE!.

  1. Thankful post, copyied from my FB account

    by , 11-13-2012 at 10:26 AM (My life, my pond, my world)
    November 13, Thankfulness and Grateful Post. Today I am thankful for having the warmth and stability of a home. We have worked hard to get our home 6 years ago and have made it ours. After "living the white picket fence life" then starting from nothing, to living in an apartment in Baltimore, then relocating to Hagerstown to finally living where we are, I am proud to say that everything I/we have is what we have worked for. I always said, our house may not be the biggest house in the world, ...
  2. Just keep swimming!

    by , 08-09-2012 at 10:46 PM (My life, my pond, my world)
    Ok, so they say this is the first day of the rest of your life, and I'm going to believe that! Payday day is tomorrow so that is a high note, plus it's the weekend so for that I'm grateful! I'm planning on getting peaches to can and last week I canned tomatoes, so I'm slowly building up my stock again! I finally paid off the plumbing bill that I have been chipping along with, so now onward to the next bill I suppose! We finally purchased 2 cabinets and are on our way to our third, so once ...
  3. Sometimes history repeats itself! *sigh*

    by , 07-16-2012 at 01:53 PM (My life, my pond, my world)
    Here we go again….

    Our little vacation has set us back a few hundred dollars, so I hope to have everythignsquared away by next pay on 7/27, but omg, this is stressing me out to no end. I just hate being unorganized and having to live paycheck to paycheck, and i've had to since the end of June and its making me go bananas!! Not to mention DP’s pay was 100 short 2 weeks ago, so just as I was coming out of the woods, they pulled me back in. Ugh, I’ve been doing so good and now this ...
  4. Oh the weather outside is Frightful!

    by , 12-19-2011 at 12:21 PM (My life, my pond, my world)
    Well well well, Christmas is upon us in a few days and I have accomplished a lot, and still have a lot to do. I did some wrapping over the weekend as well as finished most of the kids presents up. Its getting more and more difficult to purchase for my son who is 14. All he wants is X box games and they are 59.99 a pop, I have one purchased and still have to get the 2nd game. I have gotten him clothing as the remainder of his gifts which is fine with him, as he wanted Sneakers and a nice coat which ...
  5. Just when i'm out they pull me back in!

    by , 12-05-2011 at 10:32 AM (My life, my pond, my world)
    Well I was able to knock out a few Christmas gifts this weekend, and also got another heater which ended up being more expensive then the one we returned. But I spoke to the person at Lowes and they gave me an even swap. Well thinking that would go off without a hitch, they never credited my account, and then the bank put three overdraft charges through on my account by doing a debit before a credit on Thurs and I got paid Friday. So after keeping everything on budget and writing down all my expense ...
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