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Wish I could get over this anxiety..

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by , 01-15-2009 at 11:28 AM (998 Views)
I have a feeling that it has something to do with what has happened to us in the past 3 weeks, but I'm having anxiety attacks when I go to log into my bank account. Its weird,I was like this for a while, and it subsided as things smoothed out, but then everything went all helter skelter at the end of December, so I'm back today aftraid to check my account. I think I'll put it off till tomorrow so at least my pay (which is quite higher than DP's) is deposited tomorrow, and then maybe I can breath. Because its been exactly 2 weeks since all this crap went down with those idiots who stole the bank card, but I feel still stressed out. It could be just me, but I get this way when things go all amuck!!

Is this me being a freak or is this normal? Who knows, all I know is I don’t want it, I want it go far far away.
I had an interesting phone call with my previous oil company who I owe money to this morning. I was on their budget plan last year for $200/month. I told them up front that I could not afford the $200 a month budget that I would just pay what I could pay, so I did. I ended up paying them $600.00 over three months. (where the ended up deliverying like 1800 in oil in three months because they were afraid I would run out, not to mention they delivered in April????(wtf) so that created an enormous headache for me. So after our refinance in August I told them I would start paying a large chunk of this bill down, and then pay $100.00 a month. So in September I paid $350.00; November I paid $100.00 December $100.00. So on my drive home I was thinking, things are starting to go smoothly and what do I see when I get home, but a letter from this oil company. Stating that they are going to file a civil complaint in the district court if the remaining 1100 is not paid by Jan 22!!! Ok, (here goes the empty cup again, and the friggin hole is getting bigger). So I start to cry, and get frustated and obviously I'm back to what is going on? Why is this happening etc. Questions questions questions, kept going through my head. I could not rationalize the fact that I am paying them $100.00 a month and my balance is getting smaller, obviously from 1800 to 1100, there has been progress, and apparently it isnt' enough progress for this dumb oil company. So I have to solve another problem at work this morning,I swear to goodness I'm always solving problems, or trying to smooth things out. So I call Mr. Grumpy Gills at the Credit Dept of the oil company and he states that I have been missing payments and I missed December. I stated that I had made a 350.00 payment and (3) 100.00 payments, the last being mailed on 12/26/08 from my office in baltimore. It is not my fault it took 4 days to get to some beatknick town in PA. He stated, Oh, was that your December Payment? I said yes, I am not forgetting this bill by pushing it under the rug, I am paying what I can afford to pay, and I was hoping that I get money back from Taxes and could pay most of it off. He was very rude and beligerent and was trying to belittle me by stating that this balance has been on the books since April. I stated well you delivered a full tank of oil when I didn't need it in April and it has just run out this past week. I'm trying to work with you and let you know that I am not passing this outstanding bill by that I am making every effort to get this paid.. I swear I was so angry. So after getting all upseet and crying and whatever I do, I spoke to my mom and she is fronting the full amount and I'm going to reimburse her from my taxes. I felt so bad and guilty that my parents bailed me out like this, but there was no reason for this company to threaten me when I have been making monthly payments. How can anyone get ahead when you are scrimping and saving as it is and can afford to make monthly payments and the company still wants to file a complaint against you. Luckily I am blessed with a job where I know and deal with attorneys and the laws on a daily basis but this is not proper business etiquette. I told hime I was going to contact the State's Attorney General's office and the Fair Trade Commision/ BBB on your business ethics and tactics. He didn't know what to say then, but omgggggggggg my head is about to burst.

Please please please, let something go right!!! How much more can one person take, but again, the empty cup comes into play. I swear, just as my lil pond was beginning to fill with water, the sun came out and dried it all up!!!!!!!

I want to write about happy things but my goodness all this bad stuff just wont go away!!!
(i'm putting up a stay away sign, so maybe it knows how to read)!

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  1. UUMomof3's Avatar
    Hey, look, you are handling this. You are taking control. You didn't call your Mom to beg for help, so take it as a blessing and be sure to pay her back when your taxes come.

    These setbacks happen, but you are dealing with them in a realistic and responsible fashion.
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Oh dear, I do hope things do get better for you. I don't understand why the oil company is being such a prick. You are making payments and they should be happy with that. The way the economy is going you would think they would be happy with $10 a month!!

    It is nice that your mom is fronting the money until you get your taxes. I understand how you hate to do it but taxes aren't too far off so then you can pay her right back and not feel bad about it.

    Hang in there girl. Things will change for you soon I am sure.
  3. CrazyCat's Avatar
    I'm afraid I would have told them to come out in April...and suck out all that oil they put in~In April no less.

    what a crock~!