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Sunday a nice day to relax and reflect

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by , 01-18-2009 at 08:02 PM (904 Views)
Today was a day I did absolutely nothing, nothing adventurous, nothing to strenuous, just me being a blob. I did make a great breakfast with homemade hollandaise sauce over my lil eggs bendict concoction..I know im' addicted to it, but it keeps tasting better and better. So after that I saw and watched a movie On Demand, a gathered my thoughts by writing all my goals down in my new organizer that a client gave me and then went through my coupons sorting and what not. I organized my recipe box and took out all the msc papers and re-wrote everything on index cards. I did 2 loads of wash and also took pictures of stuff that I'm going to be selling on ebay. So after that, I just sat on the sofa, with the dogs and relaxed.

I made a nice rub for our chuckroast that I put in the oven for dinner, with potatoes. Then I poured White Merlot over the roast to give it a little extra flavor while we had dinner and watched the Cardinals beat the Eagles!!! Boooo. So here I find myself now rooting for the Steelers just because its a PA team. Talk about traitor,lol, but i just cannot stand the Ravens,even though I work in Baltimore, I'm just not into them ya know.

We went to the casinos yesterday and I came home with what I went down with, so it was a break even no spend day in other words.
Today was definately a no spend day as well, so yay for that. I added some extra change to my change jar challenge, woo hoo, so now i'm a whopping $4.07 I think, so every lil bit counts.

I am just hoping this week goes smoothly and there are no surprises. I have my self somewhat resolved that I do not have much money to last us till Thursday, but with another paycheck getting deposited, i'm going to bank the difference to put towards the mtg, and hopefully everything will start to get a little bit easier after this next pay period. Because for one, I"ll have a portion of 2nd pay day loan paid, since there is an automatic pay down now going on, one less thing for me to worry about, and with each pay, less and less gets taken out so that means more money I can use for bills. YAY. I'm hoping DP gets her W2 this week so she can file her taxes and all we have to wait for is the interest from the mortg company and my w-2 so I can file my taxes as well.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and got some great bargains. Oh on a side note, did anyone watch Wife Swap on Friday, they had a woman who was a frugal person and had a stock pile of stuff in her basement, and i just started to laugh to think maybe she is on this site. Anyways...have a good one peeps!!

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Sounds like you didn't have a relaxing day for all the stuff you accomplished!!! You did alot today so congrats! I am glad things went good for you today!
  2. LastDragonfly's Avatar
    Wow, you had such a great weekend! I'm glad. I hope you have a great week. Hugz
  3. UUMomof3's Avatar
    Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. Wish I'd had one of those!