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Been so busy forgot to blog…

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by , 02-23-2009 at 09:51 AM (1168 Views)
Well its been a whirlwind of business here at work. The past week with trials and new cases had me swomped. I still have a little of the refund leftover, but that I'm gonna snowball into this weeks paycheck to get 2 other bills paid and then I'll be back to normal.. I'll still have 3 credit cards left, one I’m paying big chunks and the other I closed so I could just pay off and the third one I just keep open for emergencies, there is like a $100.00 balance on that one. We celebrated my sons 12th birthday this past Saturday, he turned 12 on the 16th, but he was begging to go to Red Lobster so we did, it was a treat and I definitely overspent on that but for 4 people plus one appetizer it was 107.00. I was kind like *gulp* but we don’t go there that often so it was a treat for him and he absolutely loved it. His birthday money was burning a hole into his pocketo he got a NBA Basketball jersey with his money and I'm so happy he didn't spend it on another WII or DS game… *yay*.
We went out with my parents yesterday for their treat of his Birthday, he picked Golden Corral, and well he had a grand time going up to the buffet and showing off his new jersey.

This week is going to be just another normal week and we are not planning anything major for Saturday and Sunday. I’m tossing around the thought of taking Friday off, so I can kick start my cleaning project. I want to get the house cleaned real good and then do some painting of the upstairs middle room. I need to change that light mauve trim drastically. So that will be my homebody weekend. I’m looking forward to it. Saturday I was able to catch some great bargains at Walgreens again, and to 2 rainchecks on items they didn't have in stock. I got a 24pk of spring water with my coupon for $2.99 (regular price $4.99). Papertowes .59; 2/1 Toiletpaper, so I got 4 of them. I needed to get the PediPaws for the puppies, and I've been talking about it forever, so I bit the bullet and made my pups happy about their new pedicure. I got the raincheck on the Chicken of the Sea Tuna .99 which is a good buy for that. I got 3/3 Gatorades; Vitamin C by one $2.49 get one free, and there were other things I got but I can't think of them off hand. I did see the new flyer at Walgreens and they have Hunts Tomato Sauce for $.39/can so I'm gonna go get them tonight.

I'm stick sticking with the gym, this will be week 3 of going 4 days a week. That toning and sculpting class is really kicking my butt but its very rejuvinating, so I keep saying, no pain,no gain. I notice a little difference around my waste, and my shoulders are getting cut, but I'm gonna keep up with it, but it just make me so hungry afterwards, so I come back to work and eat a salad and have some grilled chicken. Red Lobster this weekend was definitely not on the charts, so I guess I better work twice as hard today huh? EEK!

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    You need to have a treat once in a while and Red Lobster sounds like a great treat!! Way to go on sticking with the gym. You will be thin in no time.
  2. Momto2Boyz's Avatar
    I was just thinking this morning that I hadn't seen you around in the past week or so! Glad things are going well! I LOVE red lobster, so I can understand the treat!

    Great job on doing the gym thing! I come home hurting every day, but it actually feels good to get up and do some exercise every day!
  3. UUMomof3's Avatar
    Wish I had your gumption in the exercise department. Things are clicking right along for you! That's great!