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Seems like forever and a day

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by , 08-24-2009 at 03:22 PM (2048 Views)
Where to begin, It seems like the last blog was in June and I was starting my vacation, well that went well and the summer just apparently flew by. We had a great time at CedarPoint Ohio, minus the attack of their pesky bugs called the "Muffleheads" or aka May Flys which were in June (go figure). I"ll upload pics of the rollercoasters which were phenominal.
I was off another week near the end of July to spend more time with the kids, my mom had Knee Replacement Surgery so we were with her for a couple of days, then the kids and myself went to visit the girls in my office and we headed to the Inner Harbor and Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Kids just loved that, they felt all grown up ordering their Mango/Peach Smoothies, and Maddie got a Virgin Strawberry Daquiri which she absolutely loved. Not to mention after the day was done we were walking to the parking garage and my son flipped out because the WWE Smackdown was appearing at the Mariner Arena and he got to see some of the wrestlers, like Triple H and some JR Dude and someone named Hardy or something, (as you can see I'm totally clueless when it comes to that). We also got a shirt off of a street vender, which I think might have been a "hot" shirt if you know what I mean.

Anyways, that was our lil vacation time, the kids are gearing up and are ready to go back to school, My patio is in the last legs of being finished,which was what we were working on this weekend. I also canned 7 1 1/2 pint jars of tomatoes and still have tons left so I think I'm going to freeze them instead of canning them. I don’t have the time during the week with work, so that is what I'm opting to do. DP and I have a mini trip planned the 2nd weekend in September, we're going camping down at Cape May, NJ, its definitely a frugal trip our lil campsite is only $24.00/a night and I'm trying to talk myself into liking the idea of staying in a tent. It’s a new adventure that I'm definitely keeping my mind open about. Plus it will be fun. We normally stay in a hotel near the boardwalk, but since we had already did two decent trips this summer this is just a lil way to get away for a weekend and not spend a lot of money on amneties.

Budget is still staying on track, I have still been keeping a good eye out for my Walgreen bargains, not to mention yard sales have been in abundance. So all in all I have been pretty busy and I keep trying to stay on track. I'm still trying to put a little bit back from our paychecks into the savings, but I have come to the conclusion that everything that we will get is going to be in cash. I am keeping the credit cards closed and just paying off the balances. So we will just have the utilities, mortgage, car payments and car insurance. So that’s that, oh I'm not debt free by any means, but I know its getting better than it was, so I guess its just the chugging along factor. I know money has been a little more fluent for us, which is good. All I can do is just live day by day and hope things get a little better day by day.Hope everyone is having a great summer...

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  1. LastDragonfly's Avatar
    Awwww I'm glad you had a blasty blast blast during the summer...we've already gone back to school and my garden is almost finished....sniff
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Glad you are back! We missed you around here. I am happy that you had such a great summer and I am sure you are going to have a great time camping in a tent! Keep an open mind because if you like it, camping opens a huge amount of opportunities for cheap travel.