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Today is one day closer to our camping trip…

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by , 09-10-2009 at 11:30 AM (3422 Views)
Omg, I got good news this morning, well long story short here it goes, our mortgage company tanked this past August, so I went to make my payment on the 14th, when the website said your loan is restricted, I’m like Omg, whats going on, so I googled (me being the information hound that I am) found out that the Feds shut down my mortage company because they failed to report their financial gains, taxes etc, so here I am mortgage money in hand an no where to put it but the savings account. So I called and called on a weekly basis, and got so many differnent comments on who was going to be servicing our loan. So anyways, I get the mail yesterday, 2 things, a Welcome package from Bank of America Home Loans and my September Loan payment information. Now mind you, this had a statement date of 8/28/09, and I just rec'd both yesterday. Yep, 12 days to get to me from CA, so anyways, I called the bank this morning, just so happens I work in the Bank of America Building in Baltimore, and that’s makes this even better. So I call BOA and to give them my information, they tell me that the first two months of my loan as a courtesy they waive the late fee and no bad credit reporting, so I told them that I will be paying the August payment tomorrow at the bank teller downstairs, and then tell them the Sept payment will be paid next week. Good, no problem on that one. I also then tell them that our taxes (in PA they are broken out to property tax and school tax, so the property taxes were paid in the beginning of the year, the school tax is from July to December), but anyways, we were approved for the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Credit, so that means no school tax. They sent me a statement just to advise me the amount of my school tax, but then at the bottom said, you owe $0.00. So after telling BOA this she wanted me to fax the information over and she then reanalyzed my account, which in turn gave me a $50.00 deduction on my normal mortgage payment, so I'm like Great. She also advised me that I would be getting a refund of our escrow money at the end of the year, because any excess they send back to home owner. Which is another great because there is like 508 in Escrow now, plus whats already gonna be put in there by December.

So today was a good day for finances that’s for sure. I put the difference that I would be saving on our mortgage, to go towards my 401K, so if don’t see the money being in my paycheck, I know its going towards a good fund (mine).

So tonight we are gonna go and get the remainder items for our camping trip, i.e. air mattress, extra stakes, air pump, batteries, etc. I'm getting kinda excited and hope the weather holds out because I don’t wanna be a drowned rat sleeping, that’s for sure. So that’s about it for now peeps… whoo hoo!!

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Wow, that's great!! A really good financial day! Have fun camping!
  2. fixer's Avatar
    I thought camping was all about sleeping in a soggy sleeping bag.
  3. jestagrrrl's Avatar
    haha not on my watch...i'm already worrying that its raining today and wondering if the grounds gonna be soggy tomorrow! LOL...