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Well I survived,

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by , 09-18-2009 at 11:26 AM (3632 Views)
Yep, the tent camping trip wasn't all that bad anyways. Last Saturday was a bit rainy driving down, but once we reached NJ it became a light mist which eventually stopped. Yay. So we took tons of pictures, we managed to stay on our budget, I took out 160.00 from the savings account and had 50 from last week saved up, so our cash money was enough and the only thing we put on the card was our dinner at Menz's which was $60.94. I'm so proud of ourselves, the way this budget is working, (which entails me and my trusty pen and lil notebook) writing every expense down, so we know how much money we actually spent. I calculated that with the tent gear, and everythign we needed (which we wont have to purchase again for our next excursion), our expenses totaled approximately $150.00 with the tent, mattress, stakes, etc. So I would say that was a very frugal trip. I'm looking forward to where we will go next considering the possibilities are endless right now. I mean we will do this next year because my vacation time is limited, but little weekend trips would defiantely be a go that’s for sure.

I've been managing to keep the food budget to a minimum, since we purchased a lot of staple items last week, my grocery bill at Aldis was $36.00, then we went to Giant ant my bill was 40.00, but we needed dog food, which was $11.49 and I stocked up on frozen vegetables for .99/bag. So I didn't think it was that bad, considering a lot of the stuff will be kept in the freezer and I wont have to worry about that next week when I do my shopping list.

This weekend we are planning to take the kids to this place in Carlisle, its called Market at Washingtonburg which we went to last year and its fun, they people are dressed up in old attire/indian/etc they have camp set up like it would have been during that time period plus there are some vendors selling homemade soap, etc, not to mention its free so I'm looking forward to doing that, plus probably going to hit some farm stands to get some tomatoes and cucumbers so I can make my homemade salsa.

I uploaded some pictures of our trip, so go have a look. Hope everyone has a great weekend.!

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  1. fixer's Avatar
    I am glad the weather and the financials we in your favor.
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I am glad you had a great time. I love camping. Like you said the possibilities are endless.
  3. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Any camping trip that wasn't bad has to be great. Murphy usually goes camping with us. LOL. Sounds like you are doing great on the grocery budget.