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Goodness its been a while….

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by , 11-02-2009 at 10:10 AM (4506 Views)
Yep, time is just flying by and it's so weird that in a couple of weeks it will be Thanksgiving. Things have been very busy my way..with tons of things going on between working, weekend projects its very easy to get wrapped up in things.
Plus things at work are kinda on the weird path. They decided to streamline a lot of girls in our office, meaning getting rid of a bunch of positions, all while keeping the same amount of attorneys 10 in our office. They have givin our two paralegals their marching papers and told them as of January they will no longer have a job, unless they want to move to Indiana to be in our remote office. Well that wasn't even an option for the two girls, one who has 25 plus years at this company, so she was told that if she wants her severence she has to stay till the end (i.e. sometime in January) they haven't let her know the date, so she is more or less stuck, because she would get like 6 months severance. The other girl is only here less time than me and would get maybe 6 weeks severance, so she is looking for another job. Yay Holidays. Our secretary staff of 5 girls is now being cut down to 3 girls we believe, and I have been pretty much told that I am one of the ones they are keeping, which is fine by me. I would prefer to leave on my own if I find out the work is going to be too hectic, then opposed to being told you are only gonna be here till January. I would only get 6 weeks severence, I would still be able to collect unemployment, but me being me, that is not my way of survival. I do my job well and everyone knows it, not to mention I work for the one attorney who is 2nd in command. So I was told over and over again, on a hush hush basis that I am one of the girls they are keeping and to stop worrying and getting my self all worked but, but that is how I tick, I am a planner, and I hate not knowing. So they state they will tell us in the next 3 weeks, my guess is right before Thanksgiving. So what is even funnier is about 3 weeks ago I was given this Bravo Award, the 2nd award I rec'd in my 2 1/2 years here, which inturn came with a large monetary gift that I got to choose out of like 20 gifts. I chose a Sony Camcorder valued at approximately $550.00. So that’s whats funny, I told my boss, oh ya give me an award then you're gonna ax me and she again said Traci, omg, stop, your not going anywhere. My feelings on this are, I will believe it when I hear it officially. Its just sad because I know of the girls here desperately needs her job, like most of us. There are a few that have husbands who definatley can support them on their own and not have to worry about a 2nd income. Me on the other hand, I use to not have to worry about a second income because when I was married, I was the "stay at home mom" given a credit card and told to not worry about anything. Boy have times changed since 2001. I now need to work, to keep everything under control.

My stature has defiantely changed from last year at this time. I feel that I have grown in so many ways from when I first stumbled upon this website. I now am in a much better situation moneywise, I now a full fledge frugal-lite lol. I budget, I make my own laundry detergent, I buy and stock up items for a rainy day. I no longer have any pay day loans to my name (that was the biggest hurdle) and I am at a position in my job where I am making a nice salary and have money left over for little adventures, a savings account and have much breathing room. I just pray and pray that I am one of the ones that is safe and that I will still have a job, so I can stay on this path with my head way above water and my pond will just be there for looks and not to drown in.

This post was way way on the rambling path, but it has been bugging me for at least a month. I look around at the girls who are leaving this firm and I see they are not stressing, so in a way, I keep telling myself, things will be fine, but I guess I just need to get over this hurdle… to see for myself!.

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  1. Imarachne's Avatar
    What is the old saying-when one door closes, another opens ? I send you all the good wishes I can 'cuz I know you are worried. My thoughts are with you--good luck !!
  2. Judi Dial's Avatar
    I hope you weather this well....

    Good for you for making your life changes into a positive.

    Blessings --