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Rainy work day today....

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by , 11-11-2009 at 10:45 AM (4788 Views)
Well another day at work, (thankful of course) and it is rainy and yukky outside today. DD has a parent teacher conference today, so I will be leaving work early, then taking both kiddies to dinner at this Amish Buffet, that I haven't been to in quite a few years, so hopefully the weather will lighten up a bit since I have tons of driving to do tonight.

Going through my stockpile freezer, I notice I do not have to get groceries tomorrow night, other than Milk and Bread, just because my kitchen is so full that I will have to be taking over the shelves in the basement for dry goods if I get any more. Which if I come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea, because that is where I have my canning jars full of jelly, tomatoes, etc. So that might be a task that I can do this weekend. I would although like to go to the farmer's market that is near our house, they will be closing soon, and I could get some fresh veggies to freeze, if I can find room.

Saturday night we're planning on taking the kids on a Ghost Tour in Gettysburg, they have been begging for months now, so this should be a good time. Sunday we're heading to moms for my dad's birthday. I'm baking the cake and she is taking care of the dinner so doing my "nice weather dance" to wish for sun on that day. I'll probably post again, just because I'm thinking the frugal thoughts again, and I want to get some supplies at the new craft store "Hobby Lobby that just opened up, not to mention Goodwill, because I was given some great ideas on the thread I started re" christmas ideas. I'm going to write those ideas down and see what I can find. I like the soap idea with a cute decorative wash cloth, and some bath salts… yay…love new ideas, keep them coming peeps!! Have a good day everyone!

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  1. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Hope you enjoyed the Amish buffet. Take some pics of your crafts. I would probably try to avoid dry goods in the basement as the moisture may mold them.Sounds like a busy time for you.