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Getting the holiday excitement going on…

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by , 11-16-2009 at 11:46 AM (3693 Views)
I looked at the Calendar and thought omg, its like almost Thankgiving, then Christmas and not mention my alltime favorite madness day, Black Friday.
Well I figured I better start making a list of christmas ideas and what the kids want and stuff that I know they need as opposed to stuff that just looks like yay, I want this and that and this and that.
So I organized the xmas lists got that straightened out, I went to the Christmas Tree Shoppe, which I love and got some adorable little fabric xmas gift bags to stuff with goodies for the girls here at work, they were $1.00 a piece so I couldn’t resist. I think I'm going to do the bath salts idea and then might add something extra to it, so that’s in gear for gifts for the girls at work. I found this weekend at Goodwill this cute teacup that was attached the base, it is blue with dark blue polka dots for $.97 so I purchased that and will put a lil net bag of bathsalts in that, plus I'm going make homemade glass ornaments this year, the small ones so that should work out good for DD's teachers xmas gift.
My freezer is still packed so I'm going just stock up on the cleaning supplies and dry goods as planned. I have one more payment on our new TV that I had on layaway at Sears after finding out they pricematch and layaway, so we saved almost $85.00 on this TV after Sears price matched it plus added 10% to our bill discount. I was very happy with that idea. Now I just need to get a new entertainment stand for the TV so that is what I will be scoping out the next time.

We took the kids to a Ghost Tour this weekend after our day of shopping and getting ideas, they had a great time, not mention the weather was really nice too, we sat outside and ate ice cream which was a nice treat. Sunday we went to moms for Dad's birthday, and I was up at the crack of dawn, making this chocolate cake from scratch which turned out to be delish as well as my homemade icing, Everything turned out to be a big hit. I might doctor up the recipe next time to add some extra ingredients for surprises, but we'll see. This weekend ahead is one I'm planning on stocking up stuff, paying the utilities, car payment, cable bill then the rest is going to a pot for black Friday next week so Xmas shopping here we come. I just love this time of the year, the warmth, the excitement, the food yes the food..whoo hooo!

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  1. Imarachne's Avatar
    Yeah I'm like you, its my fav too. Bring on all the goodies----Mmmm, maybe I'd better calm down !!!
  2. Luckybustert's Avatar
    Wild horses couldn't drag me out to do the Black Friday Nice to see others enjoying it though