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Oh my goodness

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by , 04-15-2010 at 01:30 PM (791 Views)
Well almost 4 months later, I'm finally digging out for a little bit of play time. As you could tell by the date of my last post the ontake of the 2 other attorneys to my already 2 atty case load to = four has set me back a bit. My work has quadrupeled and the girls in our offsite office of Indiana are driving me absolutely batty!...Its like a retraining process all over again, and I'm about to poke my eyes out with a fork. It absolutely crazy and I wanna cry and scream at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I am very very thankful that I still have a job, and a paycheck, and it has increased tremendously, but there has to be a happy medium that I haven't quite found yet. It would have been easier if the girls they hired in our offsite office to assist (as we are now a paperless office) would have had some type of legal experience, but I swear they are Wallmart Greeters on Crack.

On a different note, I was able to get a nice VIP bonus and nice Tax return which I still have at least 75% of that in the account so I'm very pleased about that, and I am able to get stuff done at the house. Our patio is like 4 pavers away from being completed, and this weekend we are going to plant grass seed and then I can get a Patio set. So its all baby steps but my goodness…I guess the days of my instant gratification have to fly out the door because between work and instant gratification and then having to postpone stuff at home because I'm too exhausted, the instant gratification there has had to sit on the back burner. But I'm a persistent lil bugger and I'll keep on chuggin along.

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