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by , 05-24-2010 at 11:40 AM (1137 Views)
Time to get back on the blogging track, it seems that when I'm not blogging, my mind gets scattered and full of jumbled up chaos, but if I put into print, it seems a lot more organized. Not sure, but at least it sounds good.

This past weekend we had a yard sale, we only made like 100 bucks but it was money that will be put to our Williamsburg Trip this Memorial Day weekend, so anything is better than nothing at all. Now what to do with all the leftover yard sale items. This year we are donating everything to our local animal shelter thrift shop because it is the store we most frequent and we know it goes to a good causes. So that is the plan this week to unload everything over there after work. I'm going to cook light this week just because its easier and I don’t want to get too involved in the dinner process as this week will be busy, so tonight we're just going to have left over Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes. I made them yesterday, and the roast on the grill was delish. I had it marinating with EVOO, Salt, Black Pepper, Montreal Seasoning, Dried Onions, then put BBQ sauce over it, and let it sit a couple of hours then put that on the grill. OMG, it turned out so good, so that will make a good 2nd dinner, because the roast was enormous. We finally got our spouting finished outside, so now the only part to do is the very tip top of the eves of the house, which we will need scaffolding for that, but everything on the first floor is done as well as the garage and back part of the house. The patio is finally complete, and the small part in front of the garage is paved. Although the paver guy hasn't come for his money yet. Now he did this over a month ago, and I called him right after it was done and said I wanted him to come out, as there was a spot in the paved area that I wanted him to take a look at, as it had a small lil hole, and I wanted it sealed up, because the more it is left go and the more rain we get, it will probably start slowly wearing, and then I said when you come out, I'll give you the check for the job. He goes ok, and now almost a month and a half later, he still hasn't come back. I'm at a dilemma to either keep calling him or just let him realize, if he wants his money he'll come out. My coworkers chose the latter option. They said if he wants paid, he will come out, and not to pay him until he fixes what you want him to. Because if I do pay him he probably will just never come back. So at this point, it’s a waiting game I guess. I dunno, I just hate owing him anything but the fact is I want what I want fixed and that’s it, so yea, that’s that on one of my dilemas. Now onto this weekend, and a much needed getaway, I can't wait. So hope everyone has a great day…

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  1. Gabe's Avatar
    Maybe give him another call?