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Back from the dead!

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by , 09-16-2010 at 01:47 PM (757 Views)
Wow, time for an update, I noticed I haven't been on here since May and my lil yard sale, so now is time to update. Our Williamsburg trip was a blast as usual, then we skipped all the way through summer, where I wook the kids down to Wildwood just for a little mini vacation weekend it was much needed and everyone had a blast. School has started again and they were oh so happy to get back into the grind, my son is now in 8th grade and my daughter has started 6th grade so this should prove to be an interesting year. Maddie has also made her dance company which will mean lots of travel and competitions for her, but she loves it and since I was a dancer/choreographer all through school and after, I suppose she is following in mommy's footsteps. My x husband made the choice to give our son a cell phone on his plan minus the internet, but then my daughter decided she wanted one. Well my partner and myself had chosen the route of the prepaid phones only because we hated being in contracts with enormous fees and extra charges, so I decided to give Maddie my tracfone for emergencies and since it only gets loaded with minutes every month she has to be "frugal" in her talks and texts, so it makes her a little more mindful in a tiny way about money etc. We have been doing lots of get togethers with the great friends of ours and we did a road trip to spam! It is better fried than typedspam! It is better fried than typedspam! It is better fried than typedspam! It is better fried than typedspam! It is better fried than typedspam! It is better fried than typedspam! It is better fried than typedspam! It is better fried than typedspam! It is better fried than typed Hotdogs down in LaSage WV which was 5 1/2 hours away for just a hotdog, well the trip then entailed driving around to other siteseeing adventures, a pink elephant and polka dotted giraffe and then we saw a sign for Ashland, KY which then we all decided to say what the He** and we drove to KY, hitting Ohio (no clue how we got there) on the way to KY. So that trip was so fun and wild we all decided to do something crazy again, so the 24th we're planning a road trip to Memphis, yep I know its crazy, but we are leaving on Friday around 5ish, picking up our friends in WV and heading straight to TN, got a room at a hotel, sleeping for a bit, then waking up, siteseeing and then going to go visit the Neeley's restaurant, do some other quick visits then head home early Sunday morning for arrival back in PA Sunday evening, so I can then in turn get up on Monday morning and head to work!!! Crazy I know, but omg, I'm so looking forward to it. Most are probably saying its not very frugal, but it is when you are dividing the cost between 6 people, packing lunches and craming the most into a little getaway as possible. I'm am trying to convert some of my friends to make laundry detergent so the frugalness can be catchy. Hope everyone has a great day!

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