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Organized just a little

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by , 11-15-2011 at 10:44 AM (702 Views)
Ok, so I do not want to be at work today, I feel like I have tons of stuff to get accomplished at home and this place is just cramping my lifestyle. Albeit it does pay the bills but still…

Over the weekend I got my coupon binder in hand, finished cutting all the coupons and now I’m sorting all of them by category and I have 3 pages of my binder complete. I know need to bring some lil black binder clips into play, to attach the newspaper flyers and I will be ready for take off.

I am now trying to coordinate all the black Friday deals and make my list accordingly. I’m a list maker so the more I write stuff down, the more organized I become. The big expenditures are going to be a laptop versus desktop. There are two good deals at Walmart, but I want to definitely weigh my options but I’m still very undecided.

Christmas presents for the girls at work are still in the works, I’m thinking this year, doing flavored butters, and purchase those lil butter crocks as well as flavored vinegars/salad dressing. I still need to research recipes for the vinegars but that is where I am right now.

Ugh…see I should not be at work today…

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