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Spend spend spend

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by , 12-01-2011 at 02:15 PM (1010 Views)
Well the month of stress is upon us. I made it through Thanksgiving and Black Friday, although I went over my budget by 70.00 it made me angry because this week has been very tight until payday tomorrow.

We did a impulse purchase at Lowes as they have this “woodstove” type Electric Heater which was normally 99.00 which I was planning on purchasing on 11/23/11 because I had a $10.00 off coupon on anything over $50.00 but decided against it when I saw the Black Friday Ad had it for $59.00. Which was fine and dandy but our home security alarm (AD*PAIN IN THE A$$ T) payment came out which I did NOT budget for, so that plus an unneeded expense of a $19.00 ladder at Lowes which was a good deal because it was normally a $70.00 purchase, with all that it pushed me over the budget just a bit. I was so happy with myself by the day before Thanksgiving, as I had a budget, took my list to the grocery store, I was able to get my .80 cents off the pound price of our Turkey and only purchased what I needed for dinner as I had the other stuff in the stock pile and freezer. Then Black Friday comes along and all those tempting sales tossed me out the window without a net.

So I have made it through the week (barely) and now wait for tomorrow’s paycheck. Car payments are coming out, electric payment is coming out, and paying down on credit cards will leave me with approximately 400 to get to the following week. With that I have a itemized list of the kids gifts that I will be getting bit by bit prior to the last waking hour of 12/24/11.
I am going to stick to this budget if it kills me, and although I feel like omg, whats’ going on, I just keep chugging along and with the way things should work out, I should be back on track by 12/30/11. Everything will be paid and I can start fresh in January. I think I look forward to after Christmas just so I can stop the spend spend spending. I am though going to make gifts for the girls here at work, which will save money, I’m looking up recipes for flavored oil’s/salad dressing as well as make them flavored butter in little crocks that I plan to get at Hobby Lobby.

I’m trying to stay organized but I will be so relieved when all this spending is over with.

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