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Just when i'm out they pull me back in!

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by , 12-05-2011 at 10:32 AM (1276 Views)
Well I was able to knock out a few Christmas gifts this weekend, and also got another heater which ended up being more expensive then the one we returned. But I spoke to the person at Lowes and they gave me an even swap. Well thinking that would go off without a hitch, they never credited my account, and then the bank put three overdraft charges through on my account by doing a debit before a credit on Thurs and I got paid Friday. So after keeping everything on budget and writing down all my expense I was thrown off when I checked the account this morning and it was negative! WHAT??? Exactly, so luckily I working he BOA building, and went downstairs to inquire about my return credit from Lowes and she said it was Lowe’s system that was holding up the work, and then I told her about reversing the OD charges since my account hasn’t been negative so long, I didn’t wanna travel down that road again, and after pleading, she looked into the account and saw that they charges came out right before my direct deposits and then reversed all my charges, so my then negative account now has money back in it, and the Lowes credit should be put in tonight, so that will bring me back to what I had in my checkbook before all this mess. Omg I swear, its like you try and try and try and everything else does not fall into place. I am more and more leaning to the fact that once payday is hear I am going to take money out for the week and then not use the debit card. Because that only gets me in hot water with gas charges, etc, so that way the money in the checking account is for any overages that might have come out, or not pended and then the cash will just be that, cash that when its gone its gone. This is going to be my new word of thumb. I am much much more frugal when I have the cash, because I see what it was and how it goes down when I spend it, and how much more thought is put into it, then just swiping a card.

I scanned the newspaper last night, and need to make a thrifty trip to the grocery store, with the budget in mind what I want to spend and with my list and I know a few coupons I should come out over, so wish me luck. I am so so so thankful she reversed those charges…*sigh*

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  1. Jets Jewelry's Avatar
    That was a close one. I had a similar episode happen to me. I know either use bill pay and for money orders. The money oreders are only 49 cents and I budget the fee into the bills. I have not been late or an overdraft in 3 years. I keep a notebook, stamps, and a list of all the bills. I pay everything on the day I get paid. It takes a lot of time, but I like to keep things on track. I wish you luck. Stay in touch