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Trying to live by Simple Abundance

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by , 12-03-2008 at 04:35 PM (1162 Views)
Well I have read that book and the 2nd part of it, and believe me I am trying very hard to incorporate that into my daily living, but all I can say is ugh!!!
I know deep down I am looking for financial serenity not financial security, but today had to be a very bad day.
My account is overdrawn, and since I work in Baltimore, (yep, im' one of the many looney birds) who commute on a daily basis, plus pay $8.00 parking a day. So if you can see where I am going with this.
I just broke down in tears, I have been getting so good with the managing my checkbook, but something came out of the account that I forgot to log in and when I went to the ATM it said insufficient funds!

Can I tell you how frustrated and absolutely sick I was. I called into my manager who is an absolute angel...She said there was no problem with me missing work and that I could easily make up the time.
That is great and I am very appreciative, but all I can think about is how much I feel like a failure. This is stupid, why is everything so difficult.

I make great money, hence the reason I commute, my partner works about a mile away from our house, but her pay is less because the company she works for has been giving all the employees Fridays off because they are slow.
I know we are in a recession and I absolutely hate it. But it is so hard to budget when I dont knwo the exact pay that is brought home weekly. So I find myself paying what we can pay, i.e. mortgage,car payment, utilities, and the rest comes out of what is left over.

I feel myself wishing for tax season so I can get money back to get caught up. Is everything like this, is this what it is suppose to be like?
I really do not know. All I do know is the stress of worrying about money is killing me, slowly but surely.
I think I am going to use this as my venting board, if not i'll just burst.
Any advise if anyone is reading this? Again, I am new to this board so I am not quite sure if people usually post replys or what...but all I can say is i'm gonna vent vent vent or burst burst burst.

Day one... Tomorrow. I am starting a new slate, I will reassess my funds in the bank account, and try to write everything down that is purchased. I need to get this under control, because i hate this feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. LastDragonfly's Avatar
    Hugs to you hon! sometimes it's good to vent vent vent.

    when I first started on this board someone gave me some great advice..I'll pass it on because I've found it to be true.....

    Baby steps

    Do what you can do. Get with your partner and y'all sit down together and write everything down. Even all the little stuff including the gum in your purse. (Have her empty her purse too :>) )

    Grab an old glass out of the cupboard (you know the one that doesn't match anything) and dump all your change.

    Join some of the challenges. They will help you get started. It takes practice to be frugal. We've all been there.

    The village is the most accepting on-line community that I've ever run across. We all have the same goals.

    You can do it!
  2. jestagrrrl's Avatar
    Thank you for the great welcome. I already started a list for the month of December and I put it on the refrigerator. I told her that I want to start writing down everything that we spend and put it next to the coordinating date on my lil makeshift calendar.
    I also wrote down a budget of items that need to be paid with this pay period.

    My problem is I was a sucker to those pay day loans, but I guess the babysteps response is good for that one too. Ugh...I have so much motivation, but wondering if it will keep going...

    Thanks again and it was nice meeting you!
  3. SandNOceanGirl's Avatar
    I know how you feel sometimes Jestagrrrl. It is good to vent-never good to hold anything in. As Penascodragonfly said Baby Steps is the best way to tackle things so you don't get overwhelmed and give up.

    Everybody here is great and supportive of one another. Ask questions-join challenges...

    Good Luck to you and hang in there!!