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My life, my pond, my world

Welcome to my lil private pond of life, love, happiness, frustration, anger, frugality, independence, spending, and thrift shopping ways of life. I have traveled down many paths to get where I am today, some good some not so good, but come and have a lil insight of my daily activities and the normal trials and tribulations of my frugal life. I will keep you posted on my journey as well as probably fill your head with a lot of rambling because I tend to do that when I have so many thought coming out at once. So pick up a few cookies that I have left for you on the table,and grab some nice hot coffee and sit down and enjoy my lil pond called LIFE!.

  1. Budget blog 101

    by , 12-08-2008 at 02:18 PM (My life, my pond, my world)
    Im' starting this blog, because for one it will give me sanity and for another, it will help me log my progress.

    Last week was horrible, after Black Friday shopping, by Wednesday my account was negative, so after the paychecks hit, a lot came out of them to pay for overdraft charges, which about killed me, but I sucked it up and then assessed the situation.
    I wrote down what I can pay for parking, gas, groceries, layaway, etc here it goes.

    $40.00 grocery budget ...
  2. Trying to live by Simple Abundance

    by , 12-03-2008 at 04:35 PM (My life, my pond, my world)
    Well I have read that book and the 2nd part of it, and believe me I am trying very hard to incorporate that into my daily living, but all I can say is ugh!!!
    I know deep down I am looking for financial serenity not financial security, but today had to be a very bad day.
    My account is overdrawn, and since I work in Baltimore, (yep, im' one of the many looney birds) who commute on a daily basis, plus pay $8.00 parking a day. So if you can see where I am going with this.
    I just ...
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