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It is so strange

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by , 07-08-2011 at 08:30 PM (1015 Views)
I wonder why people seem to think that because I am thrifty and frugal, there must e something wrong with me. I went shopping armed with my coupons and my friend looked at me strange. She wanted to know was it worth it to clip coupons, watch for sales, and all the other work you might have to do to save the almighty dollar. I just said , to each its own. Another friend had mention that we go to lunch. She wanted to try Olive Garden. I said great. I had a coupon for the Olive Garden. She just hung her head and mumbled something about we can talk about a date in the near future. Even my own family has to put their two cents in. They can't understand why I go through the hasslbe for a few cents off. Hypocrites. These are the same family members who when I bring home a bargin are the ones trying to get or use it.

As stated before, I am a thrift shop baby. I hunt down garage sales, seek out clearance aisles, always heading to the back of the store for the bargins. When I bring home my little treasures, everybody wants to know where did you get that. Next time you go, can you see if they have this or that. These same people would not be caught dead in a thrift store. So why am I always surrounded whenever I bring my little goodies home?

I admit, I watch my pennies. I know how they can add up. I check the sales papers, the internet, and clip coupons. I try to snag coupon codes and take surveys to gain a better foothold in this world of rising prices. I have joined the ranks of Swabucks, Paid Promo, ERewards. Just today, I snag a code to get a free rental at Redbox. The other day I recieved another Target gift card. I was able to shop around and found a magazine I wanted for 50% off the shelf price. I am mixing and dealing my way to be debt free and continue to expand my homebased business, aptly named Jets Jewelry. So I ask myself, why all the negativity. I am working the system like a normal human being would. I just don't understand, but I am beginning too.

Most people want everyone to believe that they have it all together. From the head to the toe. Most of the people would not wear secong hand clothes, but will buy the cheapest brand that is out there. Most don't want to rummage around a thrift store, but are borrowing what trinkets I have gotten from said thrift store. Instead they have their noses in the air, looking down on me and asking to borrow money.

I am proud to tell someone where I got this shirt or how much I paid for those pants. I must be looking good or you would not have noticed. Most of the people I know are just either plain lazy, or afraid someone will see them coming or going to a thrift shop. Maybe it is just the people I hang with who are narrow mined. If you have some of these type people in your life, hit me back and let me know. I can't have a the sucky people in my life.

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