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Summertime is here

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by , 06-23-2011 at 05:39 PM (740 Views)
In our neck of the woods, we have a gap between when school lets out and the summer camps start. I usually have my grandchildren over and try to make if frugal fun and not spend a lot of money. Here are some suggestions to stretch your dollar just a little bit longer. I have 4 girls(and who ever said boys eat more, have not met my 4). Here are some of the things I do.


1. Roll out some biscuits, spread butter, and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon. Roll the biscuit back into a half circle shape and bake

2. I will put their oatmeal in a cup, which we decorated(one of our craft session,) and stick a cinnamon stick into the oatmeal.

3. My husband uses this one. He will take two chocolate cookies from the dollar and and make ice cream sandwich's.

4. To save on juice, I will use the same cup and pour juice, adding 1/2 of a freeze pop. The juice and freeze pops are gotten at the dollar store. Sometimes, I will use fruit cocktail, add the fruit on a toothpick and add it to their drinks. Use the leftover juice to a cake or muffin mix.

5. They love tacos. I will take whatever meat is left over to make the tacos. I use chicken rice mix and adding black bean salsa to the rice. I also will add extra vegetablesif any to the tacos. Lunch is served. I buy all the ingredients at the dollar store or use what's on hand.

6.For ice cream, I will melt a Hershey bar and drip it over the cones.

7. Take all the left over food in the refrigerator and let the kids have a smorgasbord

8. Have a finger food tasting party. Spread tuna fish on 1 slice of bread and cut the bread into sections. Make grilled cheese sandwiches and slice those as well. Cut carrots, cucumbers, celery and radishes and arrange them on one big platter. Add a bowl in middle of the platter and let them serve and dip. You can substitute the tuna for any other meat or luncheon meat. Take salt free crackers and spread peanut butter. Take English muffins, cut them half and add pizza sauce with cheese.

To Keep them occupied

1. I will take them on a nature walk.

2. The library has a summer schedule for children

3.We have a craft day. Paint up tee shirts. Repurpose old purses,

4. Play dress up

5. Help with gardening

6. Visit nursing homes to pass out books and magazines(I collect a lot of books and magazines and recycle them back into the community)

7. To teach them value of giving back, will to the hospital and play games in childrens ward.

Here are just a few of my suggestions. Some of these are old as time. I think it is nice to revisit some of them again. We can continue to teach a whole new generation of children. You don't have spend money to have fun and a good time

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