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I have decided

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by , 08-09-2011 at 11:49 AM (848 Views)
I have decided to start keeping track of my savings. It is the only way to determine if my efforts are doing any real good. Why I did not think of this before,i beyond me, but here is goes.

Last week I brought the All You magazine( if you have not read this magazine, then you are missing something. It is always filled with coupons, almost on every page) The coupon stated I could buy the magazine along with another item and save a $1.00. I needed some Germ X and purchased the magazine. I also brought to reach tooth brushes for $1.97 and I used a dollar off coupon. Total bill. Was $8.97 minus the $2.00 off coupons. Total savings = $41.00. The magazine had over $39.00 worth of coupons. Some of the coupons I use and the others I use for trade.

Last week, I went to the local library and brought 8 new magazines. Some were July and August 2011 issues. The total came to $1.20

Also, last week, I went by my local printing shop, and pick up some card stock(8 packs in various colors and sizes = $1.00), decorative papers(25 sheets), 12 packs of heavy card stock I use to display my earrings(all for $1.00), 3 packs of note cards (40 note cards for $1.00) 30 booklets for five cents each = $1.50. Grand total = $4.50 plus tax.

Due to answering surveys, I was able to get a $25.00 gift card, twice by turning in my points. Grand total = Lost points.

Now all these savings I put into my savings account. Plus, when I have changed left over from transaction on my debit card, I transfer the change into my saving account. I am one step away from paying off another bill. It feels like heaven has opened up the gates.

It might not seem much, but in these times, every little bit helps. Onward and upward to a brighter tomorrow.

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