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A Little Goes A Long Way

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by , 08-20-2011 at 08:53 PM (1322 Views)
I finally started a coupon club in my area. I was kinda of disappointed that only two people responded to my ad, but I will keep hope alive. The one person I met, we are on the same page. She is very frugal like me. We discussed a few things and she is going to bring her friends(who could not make the meeting) on board. Since I started back to work, I have talked about the club to some of my friends at work and they are interested. I think with a lot of planning, this thing could go over big. We have a new meeting schedule for September 3. I hope all goes well. Trying to be frugual is a job in itself.

Since my last post, I have not been able to use any of my coupons, but goodness comes in many forms. A friend of ours gave us some eggs, meat, vegatables from their farm. God is always working. I now have a collection of expired coupons to give to military families to use. I have gained more interest in my reciepts. I enter all the contest, fill out the surveys, and complete online registrations for more freebies. I recieved a $10 Khols card in the mail and brought myself some earrings(each card had 3 pair of earrings. The price of each card was $12 &$14 dollars, which were on sale for 45% off. I ended up only paying out of pocket $4.00 for six pair of earrings. Three of the pair, I plan to repurpose to get 6 pairs of earrings(I am the owner of Jets Jewelry and I have an Etsy shop @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/jetruth?ref=pr_shop).

I stoped by the local church for their weekly cloths give away and I picked up 8 blouses, 5 pairs of pants, 3 belts, one jacket. Not bad for a weeks worth of working it out. I feel so very blessed.
I also want to share some of my favorite sites I go to for coupons, freebies and etc.... I will post about any other sites in my arsenal and as I find them.

1. http://www.couponbeat.com/

2. http://swagbucks.com/

If you know of any sites that are worth mention or tricks of the trade, let me know and we can share information. The more info we share, the better off we all will be.

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