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It doesn't always work

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by , 09-18-2011 at 04:28 PM (840 Views)
Yesterday, I attend a SuperCouponing seminar on to save more money than what I am saving now. At least that is what thought. There were a few new insights, but most of the information, I already knew. I did learn how to get ink at incredible deals, plus how to print coupons without using the printing softwrare. That information came from other participants rather than from the seminar itself.

The seminar was lead by a young lady from Chicago, a major city. There are more stores, better coupons and better sales to get the people into the stores. I know, because I use to live there. The area I live in now, does not support the use of super couponing. It really does not pay to buy several newspapers, because the deals are not out there. I live in a rural, semi suburban area. We only have 4-5 major stores in which to shop from. Most of the time, I have to buy the paper from a neighboring town to get the better coupons. The sales are there, but not enough to see significant savings. I did have a banner weekend two weeks ago. I shopped at CVS and brought my bill down from $23 to $13 dollars. I used my rewards card, coupons and a instore promo to spend a certain amount, you will get a discount.

I will still use my coupons, but I am looking for bigger savings to make worth my time. I am buying two papers a week and wondering is it worth the trouble. I will continue to buy a paper and look for coupons, but I have to rethink my efforts. Here is what I have worked out to maximize my efforts and hoping increase my savings

I will subscribe to All You magazine through a company called Ebates. I could get the magazine cheaper, but I would miss the points I would get from Ebates when I order something from there web site. The difference is only two dollars.

I will still continue to cut out all the coupons I see whether I use the item or not. I will use them to trade for coupons that I use. I have already started a coupon club and I hope to get more people on board. I also have a host of family members who could use the coupons to offset the grocery bill.

I will start to stock up on items. such as soap, detergent, paper products, etc......

I will continue to use my catalinas with existing sales to save more money.

I have signed up for several stores and websites to recieve alerts to get the best deals. Between Facebook and twitter, these sites keep me informed about what deals are out there.

I will write to the companies of the products that I use. I will sign up for their email alerts to recieve product information, coupons and promotions.

Mix name brand with store brand to see if I am getting the better deal.

I will submitt to free cycle about additional shelving to start my stock pile.

With all the other measures that I am taking, I hope by the end of the year to save at least $500. I will continue to put my savings into my saving account to see how much I have acculumated.

Since I get most of my movies from the library, I have cut out that expense. I also like Rebox on Facebook so they send me alerts about free movies. On certain days some movies are 50 cents.

Wish me luck. So far, in the last 2 months, I have saved over $50.00. It might not seem a lot but for me, it is a life saver.

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