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Happy Couponing

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by , 10-05-2011 at 11:33 AM (893 Views)
Since I started watching extreme couponing, I have been on a savings tear. I clipped, organize, spot sales, match this to get that, argue about coupons. I hate when I have to pay for something full price. For the month of September I saved over $250.00. This is big for me. We live in a small town and the coupons as well as the sales are small. So I adjust, watch, clip my way to saving. A friend of ours gives us deer, pork and chicken. Also, they grow eggs, so we have been blessed. At the school where I work, some of the employees bring in extra produce. I have gotten tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and peas. Plus with my couponing, we have been pretty good. I also share coupons, food, crafts with the people I work with and family and friends. Some have ask for my advice. I am trying to rope my son and daughter into couponing, freebies, giveaways and what else their is to offer. I give them what knowledge I have. I will not work the system for them, but give them the tools to make choice on how thier money is spent. To get the most out of our money.

Last week, I am so proud of myself. Let me tell you why. For me this past weekend I met a fellow couponer sitting next to me at the library. She was helping me with a printing problem. I was trying to print something from CVS. She saw that I had printed coupons and the conversation took off from there. We have exchanged email and phone numbers and we will make contact. She also has a friend who coupons too. I am still working on the rules to set this club by. On Sunday, I shifted one of my projects(I usually iron my clothes for the week on Sunday morning) on to another day and freed up my Sunday morning. I decided to have a cup of coffee at the local grocery store which has a restuarant. I was reading the paper sipping my coffee and (really scout for coupons). I will usually get the next town newspaper because the coupons are greater. I do watch Extreme coupons, but I have not gone to that extreme ........ yet. I say there is hope for me. I read the sales, gathered my coupons together and set back for an hour of uninteruppted peace. The resturant portion of the store was quite crowded. A man sat at the next booth reading his paper and enjoying his coffee. I guess we both had the same idea. I glanced over and saw that he had brought the local paper and looked like it had a lot of coupons as well. I am a couponer, but I did not want to buy another paper. Another man walked by and asked the man for his paper. I was in shock. The man just handed over. It did not look like he was going to leave the paper, but he did. I felt one good turn deserves another. With nerves of steel, I asked the gentleman who had just recieved the free paper if I could have the coupons from his paper. He said yes. Two shocks in one day, be still my foolish heart. I looked through, took what I wanted and gave the man the rest of my paper. He stated that all he wanted to do was to read the news. I grabbed my prize and left with a smile of thands. He smiled and said thank you. He stated that he should start couponing but did not have the time. His time is now my time. I said you are welcome. He was happy and so was I. It pays to ask. Though, I am not shy about asking, it has been diffcult for me to ask about coupons. Espically since the show has aired. But I am trying to feed my family. Anything goes as long as it is legal. I will post more savings sites in another post. Happy couponing.

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